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Aero Mechanical Conveyors

              Aero Mechanical Conveyors          Aero Mechanical Conveyors

(Photographs courtesy of Spiroflow Ltd.)


The aero mechanical conveyor is one of the most efficient methods of conveying materials in terms of its dust-free and clean handling properties. This type of conveyor is designed and custom-built for the product to be conveyed and is suited to meet a variety of applications.

Transfer of material takes place in an enclosed tube as it becomes entrained in the moving air-stream created by the high speed movement of disks, attached to a tensioned wire rope, travelling through the tube. In practice, the rope carrying the disks is a continuous loop running around sprockets at each end of a flow and return tube arrangement. One of the sprockets is motor-driven, the other acts as the rope tensioning device. 




  • Total batch transfer
  • Operates at any angle without loss of capacity
  • Dust-free sealed systems for ultrafine powders
  • Almost all materials can be conveyed
  • Low power consumption
  • Material finishes - epoxy painted or stainless steel
  • Removable housing cover with optional interlock for easy cleaning


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